Volumetric Fog

Volumetric Fog is disabled by default due to its negative effects on performance when using resolutions higher than 1080p. You can enable this by selecting the ExponentialHeightFog Component attached to the HemisphereSky Actor.

Dynamic Texture Loading

To maintain stability, Hemisphere keeps all of its textures loaded by default. Due to this, it is highly recommended to have at least as much VRAM as the total size of the selected Timelapse.

To allow Hemisphere to run on machines lacking that much VRAM, you can enable the experimental feature called Dynamic Texture Loading over at

Project Settings → Hemisphere → Settings

This will load the 4 textures:

When Load Async is enabled, Hemisphere will attempt to asynchronously load the upcoming textures. If the texture is not loaded by the time it is needed, it will be loaded synchronously.

With Dynamic Texture UnLoading enabled, the Dynamic Texture UnLoad Frequency is the loop time of a timer that will clear up any references to the textures no longer needed so they may be garbage collected.